Mantra Magic

An opportunity to explore the amazing Transformational qualities of Mantra practice more deeply, and in a group setting.

Everyone can practice Mantra, it’s a fantastic way to focus the Mind, create some beautiful Sounds and Vibrations, and each Mantra has a specific quality which can literally change your life when you dedicate time and energy to the practice.

We will work with a specific Mantra each session and get comfortable with it, set an Intention around it, and for those of you who wish to work with a dedicated 40 day practice, the sessions will be spaced accordingly.

The sessions are held at Cobblestones from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Sessions don’t run every month – please check the Mantra Magic dates page for full details!

There will, of course be time for a lovely relaxation 🙂

Misinformation: You don’t need to be able to sing!!