Tune-In, Drop-Out

It’s become so apparent to me lately that we seem to be ever more in need of ways to slow down, let go, and recharge, as well as to connect with our inner stillness, which all too often appears non-existent in our busy lives!

Tune-In, Drop-Out sessions are very much about unwinding and letting go at a deep level. The sessions involve some floor based Yoga, mainly Yin style,  some Pranayama and Meditation practices to help keep our energy up and vital, and Deep Relaxation with Tibetan Singing bowls, giving us opportunity to drop into our inner quiet space. It’s for those of you who feel the need to slow down, breathe more deeply, reconnect and let go a little more!

The sessions are held at Cobblestones one Tuesday a month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Anyone that wants to stay for a cuppa and cake afterwards is most welcome! The room is warm and fully kitted out with deep carpet, squishy mats, cushions, warm throws and Yoga blocks so you only need to bring your beautiful selves. If you have a favourite Meditation cushion or stool then you might like to bring it with you.

Pre-booking is essential as space is limited to eight students and places must therefore be confirmed in advance.

Please contact me for further information or to reserve a space.